1. Aripathiri or flat thin rice bread
  2. Idiyappam or fine rice sevai
  3. Chicken roast flavored with coconut milk
  4. Special roasted coconut gravy for prawns and egg
  5. Spicy and delicious crab roast
  6. Special meals veg/non-veg with 10+ dishes and payasam
  7. Palaada – surprisingly thin rice crepes
  8. Neychoru or ghee rice with less ghee to mention
  9. Fish thoran/Fish peera with the enticing taste of shredded coconut
  10. Kothu parota/Kothu roti which serves to be a complete meal with vegetables, chicken/egg
  11. Special flavored mutton fry
  12. Seafood special preparation
  13. Madhura curry – a thick porridge made of bananas (nendra), rice powder and coconut milk
  14. 10+varieties of payasam served on special occasions

Delicious Combos:

  1. Aripathiri with traditional mutton curry/chicken curry/egg curry.
  2. Idiyappam with yummy chicken stew.
  3. Appam with chicken roast flavored with coconut milk.
  4. Spicy and delicious crab roast with tapioca.
  5. Palaada which tastes superb with chicken curry/mutton curry.
  6. Neychoru or ghee rice with any non-vegetarian gravy.
  7. Dosa with spicy egg roast.
  8. Yummy meals with squid/prawns roast.
  9. Aripathiri/Appam/Idiyappam with madhura curry(sweet curry – a thick banana porridge).