Deejas Kitchen is ready to entertain you with delicious and mouthwatering dishes prepared in South Kerala style.

The Land of Spices and the authentic Kerala cuisine is always a favorite of food lovers all over the world.The enticing aroma of mustard seasoning and coconut oil brings a never ending food craving. Coconutpaste and coconut milk being two inevitable ingredients of Kerala cuisine – in all the sense delights thename “The Land of Coconut trees”.

Earlier Kerala style weddings and other functions served a typical Kerala Sadya (veg) or Malabar biriyani(non veg) or a mix of both. But now the culinary has overcome all its limitations. The style of Keralacuisine has improved a lot. The culinary itself can spread a buffet table with awesome varieties rangingfrom tender coconut drink/sambharam, salads, starters, main course etc. to tender coconutpayasam/ice-cream not being the last to mention.

Kerala cuisine and delicacy are renowned like any other world famous cuisines – Chinese, Italian or Continental being a few to mention.